Best Way to Keep Those Pesky Jersey City Rats Out of Your Beautiful Garden

Jersey City rats often leave a lot of damages in their wake when they are able to get access to a house or garden. Their search for food and other activities means gnawing on walls or plants as well as leaving droppings that could be infections. It would thus be normal that you don't want them in your garden. Here are some things you can do to keep rats out of your garden.

Remove Sources of Water and Food

Rats need water and food to survive. If they can't find this on your New Jersey farm, they would most likely move on with their search for a place to nest. If you have pets in your garden, you should remove their water and food at night. Also, make sure the bins in your garden have tight closing lids and that your garbage bags do not stay outside for long.

Keep your Garden Clean

Rats do not thrive in clean environments. They find it easier to move around, hide and do their things in a dirty environment. If your garden is neat, there won't be hiding places or foodstuffs lying around.


Planting some catnip around your New Jersey garden will discourage rats from staying in your garden. You might also want to look out for areas where there are rat dropping, nests or other signs of rat activities and plant it there.

Peppermint Oil

Jersey City rats do not like the odor that comes from peppermint oil. Thus, this oil will effectively chase them away from your New Jersey garden. Soak some balls of cotton with the pure version of this oil and put the cotton in different parts of your garden. Do this a number of times every week.

Other things worth doing include sealing of gaps and cracks as well as carrying out soil netting.

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